Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dexter props - Kill Knife, Blood Slide Box, ID and Wallet.

If you're a fan of the Showtime program "Dexter" then you'll recognize all of these as THE iconic props from the show. It's not a very prop heavy show, that's for sure, but if there are a few pieces that are memorable from it... it would be these.

Shown here are the Blood Slide Box, the Kill Knife, and the ID & Wallet.

There's a very interesting back story about the blood slide box, which is 100% screen accurate to season 5 forward. How? Because the dudes that made the replicas also made the ones that were used in the show. Aside from woodgrain, they are identical. There's a great write up of it on their website, for the reader who wants to learn more.

The kill knife, which is just a thing of beauty, was made by an RPF member. I believe he goes by the name DrewSmith007. He is no longer offering them, but did a really bang up job on them. A lot of community effort went into making sure it was the most accurate replica ever, and it turned out absolutely wonderfully.

I've since forgotten where I got this ID and wallet holder, but they are really great. I believe the wallet is not a perfect match, but it is indistinguishable to the real deal, with my eyes. The ID is a spot on replica. They even nailed the right mug-shot.

The Dark Crystal - Crystal Shard

This prop was produced by the immensely talented RPF user "RelicMaker," and is a real thing of beauty.

He offered them in clear and purple. This one is clear. These are hand made out of crystal, and were based off numerous screen captures and research that RelicMaker did.

For more information on these crystals, and some great screen captures, check out RelicMakers thread on the RPF. You may need to log in to see it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

QmX Malcolm Reynolds Stunt Pistol From Serenity

I'm offering this piece up for sale if anyone is interested. $225 USD plus shipping. US Domestic only. I've only taken this out of the box twice. Once to inspect it when I acquired it, and once again to take these photos.

This was the original, hand made, artisan piece that QmX released a few years ago. It is NOT the current offering which is metal plated polystone. If you're looking for a good Mal pistol, this is the one to own.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Fifth Element Mangalore Grenade Prop Replica

This is a replica of the grenade used by Korben Dallas during the climactic fight against the Mangalores in The Fifth Element. This is an all machined piece, made by Russrep, a fantastic machinist who operates out of the UK. The correct maglight flashlight was used as the handle of this piece, just like the one in the movie.

I have since sold this piece, but I keep this page here as reference.