Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Third Hinge, Third Try.

After a long hiatus from building, I'm back in the garage this evening for some building action. This evening, I finally got around to getting the third hinge in place on the tricorder.

I have to say I'm not entirely happy with the results. The door opens smoothly enough, and if you look at it face on, it's nice. But from a side view, you can see that it's not mounted quite properly. But I think I'm just going to let it go. Not only do I not want to spend the rest of my life dorking with these hinges, but I can always just build up my other kit, and use the lessons learned on this one. That is looking more and more attractive with each additional goof up.

That's all I did today. I spent about 2 hours working on the mangalore rifle tonight, and the tricorder was worked on in between rifle tasks.

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