Friday, December 12, 2008

Superman Returns Belt - Part III

Not a lot to report today, but I wanted to put up some progress pictures before the weekend gets here. Today on my lunch break, I demolded the pours that I did yesterday.

Here is the smaller section:

And here's the entire belt.

All of the warping and lumps that you see in this casting were present in the original. Good or bad, this is a near identical replica of the real-deal belt I got ahold of.

I am VERY pleased with the results. These pulls are exactly what I was hoping for, and will make for excellent starting points for the new master. If you take a look at this picture of the full belt, you can see how well the details of the peeling paint were captured:

I suppose it's sort of a mixed bag, as it would have been great had all that detail been lost!! But it does illustrate how well the silicone and 1630 combination work to capture details, while maintaining size.

Now comes the not-so-fun part of the clean up. I'll probably just do a single posting about how I'm going to approach it, and then do another when it's all finished. There's really not a lot to see along the way, but if something cool comes up, I'll let you know.

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