Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Layup

As promised, I have started to lay up my very first full cape.

I started by peeling off the layers of latex that I had put on in order to clean up the mold. This process pulled up all the dust and gunk that had accumulated on it over time.

Despite earlier experimentation, I decided to go with the foam brush for the actual application of the latex. Because the mold is so big, and my arms are only so long, I added an extension to a brush to reach the parts in the middle. I figured this would save me from putting any weight on the mold as I stretched out to reach those hard-to-get places.

This is how much I got done before I ran out of steam on the first try.

Got a little bit more done later on in the day.

And finally go the first coat is done.

I have since finished up a tiny section that I removed to use as material in the cape clips. Not shown here.

Things are going nicely, but it's really hard to tell how it will turn out until it's actually done. I THINK the latex is seeping into the diamonds and capturing all the details, but it's impossible to say. I will know more within the next few days.

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