Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Leather and Lasers

No, that is not the name of a new superhero movie, though I am kinda diggin' it.

I had a phone call with my friends over at RMS Laser the other day about getting a couple of samples cut for the Micro-S pattern for the boot. The plan is to have them cut a bock of leather, which I will then mold and cast in urethane. This will allow me a great deal of flexibility in my construction techniques, and will also make it so that I can crank out more than one pair if necessary.

Mary is going to cut three different samples for me. Apparently, the laser can be set to etch at three different depths. I have asked for one sample of each. Once the samples arrive and I pick the one I like, I will move on to getting the enitre sheet cut.

In other news, I am on day 44 of P90X. Trying to get into "super" shape for next halloween. Get it? Super? Ah, sometimes I crack myself up.

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