Friday, November 12, 2010

Han In Carbonite Side Panel Found and Acquired

A number of years ago, I did a build up of the full sized Han Solo in Carbonite, as seen in The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of The Jedi. I purchased a set of resin control boxes, but was not entirely satisfied with them, and consequently never finished them nor installed them.

Flash forward a few years, and our man Philip Wise from Rebelscum found the original part used to make them. Philip acquired a number of the panels, and I of course grabbed one. Here's what it looks like out of the box:

The entire story of the discovery can be found over on the Replica Props Forum. I was thinking of copying the text to this blog for archival purposes, but in case Philip adds info, I don't want it to be outdated.

The punchline is that the dash belongs to a Volvo 343 345 (1979-1981 era).

HUGE thanks to PW for not only finding this piece, but also for sharing the information with collectors and even making them available.

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