Monday, April 25, 2011

More Caprice Pictures

I purchased this car on April 23, 2011. I consider this the official start date of this project, even though I've been doing research and reading for the past couple of years. I'll write the back story on this project later on. Right now I just want to get the pics up onto the blog.

This Caprice is what is known as a "donor" car. It will serve as the frame and mechanical infrastructure for the Keaton Car. Basically, the entire body and interior will be ripped off and discarded. I will rebuild the interior, and a fiberglass shell will be placed over the top of it. I don't even want to speculate on projected finish date, as there are so many factors involved, and so many complications.

This is the first car I have ever built. The next biggest and most complicated thing I've tackled is my full R/C R2-D2. Frankly, at this time, I'm not sure if the car is more complex. The great thing about working on a car is that so much of the engineering is already done for you. Honestly, aside from the frame stretch and mounting points, all of the engineering for this project was done by Chevy. I just need to put everything together. The R2 was the opposite. It was up to the builder to come up with creative ways to make all the parts and mechanics work together to deliver the end result. Though the car is bigger, I'm not convinced that it's more complicated.

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