Friday, November 18, 2011

Han In Carbonite Side Panel Progress

Another project that is in my top four "To Do" list is the Han Solo in Carbonite. He's actually almost finished, I just need to do the side panels.

I had a set of side panels that were scratch built by the very talented Vince Sanchez, but upon discovery of the Volvo dashboard panel that was used to make the screen used ones, I decided to do a course correction.

For reference, it was our man Philip Wise of RebelScum fame who identified the part, with the help of some fellow enthusiasts. HIC builders owe a huge debt of gratitude to Philip for bringing this to the hobby.

Here is the volvo panel, with the openings sealed up with styrene. I decided to do it this way in order to make the build go faster, and the molding easier. This way, I only need to do a one part dump mold. The finished pieces can then be slush cast, and will be ready to paint right out of the mold.

Speaking of molds, here's the mold curing in the custom box I built out of MDF.

For the record, I am not going to be going for complete screen accuracy on these side panels. I just want to get it done. Based on my research, one could easily spend eight hundred to a thousand dollars getting accurate pieces to finish out the panels. I am just going to cobble them together using things I have on hand. I MAY do a hero light up panel that includes all the bells and whistles, but honestly, I doubt it. I have many other projects that require my attention.

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