Thursday, May 23, 2013

TARDIS Build Update - Part 12

Welcome back! As usual, much to report. First up, I have a picture of the tardis fully constructed. At this point, all of the sub-assemblies are complete, and the overall build is complete.

But that doesn't mean there isn't still a lot of work to do. Though my overall plan was just to "git-er-done", there are some things that just bugged me too much to ignore. One was a seam line between cove strips that did not match up very well. Though it was only about a 1/16" gap, it was on the front face, and I felt drew attention.

Using the ever popular ted smith "Bondo Squish" technique, I packed the crack full of bondo.

After some clean up, it looked one million times better.

Now it was time to start painting. For reference, the paint I chose cost almost 500 bucks for one gallon, plus a gallon of reducer. Not cheap.

Because I'm going to be painting in the garage, and wouldn't mind if my entire garage didn't turn blue, I masked off one corner. Very Dexter looking, if you ask me.

Here's a pic of the very first shot of paint!

After a couple of coats, the posts were looking like this. The wood I used soaks up that paint like a sponge, so many coats were needed. Still, the overall effect is very nice.

I had a little bit of paint left in the gun, and since it didn't occur to me to pour it back into the bucket, I sprayed it on the tardis.

What I was really doing was trying to get a feel for how the paint would work with the plywood, and how the wood grain would stand out.

Though not the best photo, the lesson learned here is that everything was going to work out just fine.

In the mean time, my handles arrived from the UK. A fellow RPFer wrangled these up for me, and I am extremely grateful for his help. Thanks Matt!

Wanting something cool to show for my work, I decided to tackle the paint on the lantern and the phone door.

The lantern looks great, though I still need to paint the screws that I used to hold the whole thing together.

And the door looks absolutely stunning. This is the entire thing assembled. Hinges in place, handle in place, everything working!

Then my Police Box signs showed up from Canada. Thank you Justin for the quick turn around, and quality product. They look amazing.

There will be another update to follow shortly. I still have about 15 progress photos that I need to post. I've definitely been spending more time focused on the build than on the documentation, which honestly is how it should be.

Speaking of which, I've recently put together a couple more Team Tardis videos. They apparently are quite amusing. Please check them out, subscribe to my channel, and let me know what you think.

This first one is pretty wild, if only because of its introduction by Star Trek alum, Walter Koenig. He played Chekov in the original series.

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Kenneth Tabor said...

Amamzing! I am building my own TARDIS and I have not been able to get my top light to look that good. it's the top, I can't find a suitable top to the light. The signs, the handles, awesome! My name is Kenneth Tabor.