Sunday, August 4, 2013

Batman Hybrid / Forever Gloves

This is an amazingly well crafted and beatiful pair of gloves that are similar in style to those seen in Batman Forever. I call these "Hybrid" gloves because they are not replicas of the Forever gloves, but instead incorporate style and functional elements from various versions of the character.

From the top side, they look very similar to the Forever gloves. They have the same ribbing on the knuckles and wrist. It also has the two layered gauntlet. However, when you flip it over there is no wrist zipper, and there is instead a wide rail of stretchable fabric down the middle. The upside is that this makes the glove very form fitting. The leather on these gloves is the highest quality I have ever seen in a glove replica. The construction is the same. These are just plain amazing gloves. The fins appear to be injection molded plastic.

The wrist ribbing appears to be more in the style of the first Keaton movie, as it does not have an arch to it.

I believe I acquired these gloves from a guy named Corey Sosner, though my memory is a bit rusty about the details.

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