Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DareDevil Billy Clubs Version 2.0 Almost Complete

Almost done now! The only task remaining on this project is to zap them with a coat of matte clear, and remove the last little piece of masking tape from the cable.

Here you can see how the clubs looked after the red. I did three light coats, in direct sunlight. I'm completely convinced that a UV blast is necessary to help these Dupli-Color paints cure properly. I tried painting at night, in a warm room, and the paint still went foggy on me. Be careful!

The red I used is just one I eyeballed. It's probably a little bit too dark, but who cares. It looks great. As I mentioned in another post, I'm more concerned with the project being done than it being accurate. This is for a costume, not a display piece.

I didn't photograph the masking off process, as this has been documented thoroughly elsewhere on this blog. I used the low tack blue tape from Home Depot. The most important thing to remember when painting something that is masked off is to do light coats. If you spray on too heavily, capillary action will pull the paint under the tape, at the corners usually, and ruin your paint job. By doing light coats, the paint never accumulates thickly enough on the surface for this to happen.

Here's a close up of one of the tips. I think the silver is a little too bright, and not enough metallic. But again, it's done, so I'm happy with it. The real ones had media blasted tips with polished angel faces, but for my purposes this is totally fine.

Because these came together so fast, and turned out so well, I think I may put together a couple variants of the clubs. In the movie, he not only has the nun-chuck style clubs, but also two separated clubs, and one version where the two clubs are joined end to end to make a longer one. I think I will try to do those two styles also.

Thanks again for keeping up with this blog! I hope you've enjoyed this build.

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