Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cape Is Ready For Molding.

Wait, I take that back. There's still one thing I need to do, and that's clean the cape. I'll just use a soft sponge and some water to dab at the parts where some dirt and grime has accumulated. No big deal.

But other than that, the planets have all aligned and this sucker is ready for some rubber. Yes, you read that right.

Speaking of which, just today, my order from Sil-Pak arrived. Two gallons of silicone rubber, and two different catalysts. One will make the stuff brushable, and the other will make it pourable. I've got it all worked out.

I didn't post this the other day, but my resin for the fiberglass showed up the other day also. I didn't order quite enough catalyst, but I have some left over from my last batch, so I should be ok.

The cape has been laying flat on my molding table for the past few days, and it has flattened out pretty nicely. There are still some wrinkles in the fabric, but that's ok. they will transfer to the mold, but I figure once the thing is done, there will be wrinkles in it anyhow, so I doubt it will be easy to differentiate between actual wrinkles, and molded in wrinkles.

And besides, if you can spot them on the final product, I'll award you a no-prize.

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