Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Pull Out Of The Belt Mold

Good news/bad news on this one.

The good news is that the mold works beautifully. The pull that came out had only ONE air bubble, and it was right where I suspected they might form. Easy to account for in future pulls.

The bad news is that the urethene I'm using isn't quite what I was looking for. It's too translucent. If you look at the edge of the belt, you can CLEARLY see the webbing inside it. That's not good. I have already ordered a different brand of urethene to experiment with, and have contacted a few friends who dabble in this stuff to see what they recommend.

Here's a closeup of the buckle to show how cleanly this sucker is coming out. Looks REALLY good. Of course, the color is off, but I was just experimenting with the pigments on this one, so no sweat. The mold was dirty when I poured this, so there are many surface imperfections, but those will not be present in the final pours.

With my travel schedule kicked into high gear lately, there hasn't been much time for me to continue working on this, but it is not forgotten.

The cape is coming along really nicely, but it's using WAY more rubber than I had anticipated. I had to order TWO MORE gallons just today to finish off the first pour. Yikes!

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