Thursday, April 15, 2010

MultiPass Parts Kits Arrive, Graphics News

I have a couple of updates today on the MultiPass project, both of which are good!

Today I received in the mail the laser cut parts kits from RMS Laser. They came out beautifully, and I'm very happy with them. Thanks RMS! Now I need to break them down into individual kits and get them into zip lock bags.

I am trying something new with the graphics this time. Printing the graphics at home takes a lot of ink, a lot of time, and is a hassle. It occurred to me that I might be able to outsource this work. There are some complications with that, but I'm taking a shot at it. Today I rendered a set of graphics as a jpg and sent them off to the costco photo lab for printing. This has a number of advantages. I think the overall cost will be lower, it will be way less hassle from me, and I think the product will be of a higher quality. I'm pretty sure the huge photo printers they use at Costco are higher quality than my HP Deskjet. But who knows.

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