Tuesday, May 31, 2011

VERY Interesting Cape Discovery

A friend and fellow Superman Returns fan made an interesting discovery the other day. We have both been casually searching on and off for the source of the pattern used for the Superman Returns cape for years now. I've spent a lot of time looking at google, ordering samples of stuff, and asking questions. Nothing has really come close, though in the photos it always looks good. When it arrives, it's usually the wrong size or something.

But check this out. My pal was enjoying a nice snack from Keebler...

And when he turned it over, he found THIS!!

It may not be entirely clear, but that's pretty much the pattern! It's the right size, the right shape, they appear to be the right depth. There is one TINY difference between this and the screen used pattern, but the difference may just be an artifact of the manufacturing process. This is a VERY interesting turn of events. I'm not sure that it really brings me any closer to getting ahold of some, but this is the closest I've ever found the actual pattern.

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