Thursday, May 5, 2011

Welding Helmet, Blade, Mirror

I have a couple of little updates today that are directly related to the MattMobile project. But one is kind of tangential.

When I purchased the Caprice, it did not have a rear view mirror. I went down to Kragen Auto Parts in Irvine and picked up a mirror, and a separate attachment thingie. This isn't exactly what I would call "heavy lifting," but it does constitute some work on the Caprice. Which is on-topic. Here's a picture of the completed project.

I'm also trying to stay pretty much on track with my plan of doing ONE THING per day towards the MattMobile. Until I have suitable workspace, most of my effort is going toward parts and tool acquisition. Today I picked up a welding helmet, and also a metal cut off wheel that can be used on a rotary saw. And yes, I already own such a saw.

While I was at Home Depot, I was also looking for a metal cutting wheel for my chop saw, but alas, I could not remember the diameter of the blade, so I held off. That will be a very important purchase for me, as I plan on using my chop saw to cut all of the steel necessary to build out the frame and roll cage for the MattMobile.

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