Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Days Work

The Superman Returns project is not dead. Just moving REALLY slowly. Tonight I had cause to do some experiments with some really nice pigment I got a while back from my friends at The Bronze Armory. This is a VERY close match to the burgandy seen on the cape. I'm quite happy with it, and expect to use it in the future. I spoke to a machinist friend a while back about getting the diamond plate custom cut, and he said it's totally feasible. Just expensive. Story of my life.

I'm also working on some stuff for an upcoming project. I made a few molds today, and also did some stuff with urethane. I don't want to give too much away, but the three disks are a set of experiments I'm running. I'm not sure which one will turn out best, but we shall see. This is a new technique for me, and I'm not totally sure how it will turn out, but because of all of the work I've done with Urethane over the years, I have a pretty high degree of confidence that this will work out the way I want it.

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