Monday, July 2, 2012

Captain Jack Harkness Earpiece Found Item Identified

A thread got necro bumped recently on the RPF that caught my attention. It was a thread on the construction of the ear piece that Captain Jack Harkness wears on the show "Torchwood." The thread started with a members showing off an excellent hand made replica of the ear piece, which was followed up shortly thereafter with a behind the scenes pic of the ACTUAL ear piece by member RubberToe, who is Nick Robatto, who has made numerous key props for Torchwood and Doctor Who.

Here's a link to Nick's website if you'd like to check out some of his work:

Here's the pic Nick posted:

I immediately recognized the ear loop as something I had seen before, possibly at work. It looked like the back of a hands free phone set.

Thank goodness for, because after skimming through 9 pages of their head sets I found the one that looked right. Here's a comparison picture showing the Plantronics M220 headset compared to Nick's hero prop:

Clearly, there's no mistaking that this is the right piece. If you want to order one for yourself, so that you can build up your own headset, they are five bucks on amazon. Here's the link:


Susie said...

Cool. You helped me twice in one night. Got the last one from an Amazon seller, too!

MattMunson said...

Awesome! They are getting more and more rare, but they can still be found! Best of luck with your costume!