Friday, June 29, 2012

MattMobile Body Work and Fiberglassing

There's been a lot of progress on the car lately, though it is subtle. Primarily I've been working on body work, as I'm waiting for some final chassis work to get finished before I start working on the cockpit.

Here's how things look as of right now. I've got the shell raised up on horses to allow easy access to the chassis. Pretty neat trick, if you ask me.

By now, regular readers are familiar with the gas cap recess areas. These are proving to be particularly problematic, as there is a lot of warping going on in these compound-curve laden areas.

Still, progress is progress, and things are moving along.

One particular part that has been getting a lot of my attention lately is a combination dip and bulge on what would be the passenger side door, if the car had a passenger side door. I've not only ground down A LOT of material to make the bulge disappear, but I've also filled in the dip with a good chunk of fiberglass. You can see that area right in the middle of the photo where I have ground off the gel coat and gone way into the body.

This was accomplished today, just before this blog post was written. You can see here I've gone in behind the dip/bulge and added in a few layers of fiberglass. I might end up doing a bit more, just to thicken it up. I think there's three layers of fiber there, which probably accounts for an 1/8th of an inch.

I used the same technique today to back fill the passenger side front fender side seam, which has seen a lot of material removed from the outside in order to make it the proper shape. By fiberglassing on the back, I'm not only adding thickness, but also strength on the seam where it's needed most.

Work continues on the passenger side fender too. Not much really to see here, just some sanding down of the putty to smooth out the contours.

I started cleaning up the seam around the nose cone. In this picture, I've done some initial sanding, then an attack of putty, and some sanding on top of that.

Here's another non-trivial dip that I've been working on filling in. I had to purchase a few more tools to make this work properly, but I think it's really coming together now.

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