Sunday, August 19, 2012

Star Trek TOS Tri-Viewer Is Finished

At long last I am here to reveal the finished Tri-Viewer that I made for the web series "Star Trek Continues", of which I am very pleased to be involved with in a tiny way.

I had a little party yesterday, and wanted to show it off there (cuz that's the kind of parties I throw!!!!) so I put together a screen graphic for it. This is just something I printed out on my home computer and stuck behind the blue border. The point really here is to show off the fact that it's easy to make static display screens for this bad boy.

The detail that kept this build from being finished was the blue border around each screen. It was actually very easy to make, and turned out really well. I started by cutting three pieces of styrene to size.

Then I marked off a border.

I used a straight edge and a box knife (with a fresh blade, natch) to cut along the lines. I did more of a "score and break" technique than an actual cut. That typically works well for me, and saves me the trouble of cutting through some thick styrene.

This left me with three styrene frames.

I then did a quick/light sanding of the frames, just to knock down any edges that popped up as a result of the cutting process.

I was ready to paint, BUT I wasn't sure if the brand of paint I purchased was going to adhere properly to the styrene. So I did what any good builder would do, and did a test. I took a scrap piece of styrene and sanded it down a tad, just the same way I had the three frames.

This is the spray paint I selected, based entirely on color.

I blasted a little corner, and left it to dry in the sun. It worked great, and I was very happy with the results.

And so then it was on to painting the three frames that I cut earlier.

I used two sided tape to adhere the frames to the main body of the tri-viewer. The fact that it's not super robust is also an intentional part of my design. The goal here is to allow the production to change out the screens as necessary. Whether they need a green screen for special effects, or a graphic, or even just a blank screen.

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