Friday, November 2, 2012

MattMobile: More Of The Same

I spent a couple hours today just doing more of the same nonsense that you've seen over the past few posts. Puttying and sanding. It's actually kind of fun, and I'm enjoying it right now. Though I'm sure this will pass. I think this might be the last set of pics I take of this process until I have something worthy of showing. I'm sure my three blog readers are growing weary of similar looking photos.

But first, the big piece of non-sanding work I finished up today was cleaning the edge of this intake. Recall that previously I sawed the disk out with my reciprocating saw, then went in with a sanding disk drill bit and worked out the excess. Nice and smooth now.

Nothing terribly interesting here, just a shot of the fender and how it looks after some wet sanding.

I've been doing a lot of "sculpting" on the rear fin. Those scallops all have a seam line running down the center of them, and there's some weird asymmetry to them. Here's how it looked after the first clean up pass.

And here's where I slobbed in a bunch of putty to fix one of the inconsistencies.

More on the front.

And these little vent thingies are proving to be a bit of a mess, requiring a lot of loving care. Coming along, I suppose.

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