Friday, November 2, 2012

New Mill & Lathe, Courtesy of Adam Savage

Those of you who know me know that I'm not big on name dropping. But since this is hobby relevant, and Adam happens to be a pretty big dude in the hobby, it seemed appropriate.

The story behind this is pretty short. I traded Adam a couple of things in my collection for these. I gave him the stuff at Comic Con this year, but he didn't have the opportunity (or desire) to lug the tools down to San Diego, so we had to find a good opportunity when I was up in San Francisco to pick them up.

As luck would have it, Adam was throwing a halloween party in his "man cave", and I got an invite. One quick road trip later and I had a trunk full of new machining equipment!

Here's the break down:

Here's the mill. For reference, this is the mill and lathe that Adam made his legendary Blade Runner blaster replica with. When I was loading them into my car, I asked Adam if there were any tangible limitations to the pieces, and his response was that it really comes down to size, and knowing what you're doing. If you know how to machine, you'll get great results with these machines.

This is the DRO that Adam added to the mill.

The mill also has a motorized feeder on it, so I can get really smooth, uniform cuts.

Those two accessories are immensely helpful, and should aid in doing some pretty awesome stuff, once I get everything set up.

Here's the lathe.

Which also has DRO's onboard.

Adam also threw in a big box of misc accessories. I still need to go through all this stuff and figure out what they do!!!

And lastly, here's a pic of Adam and I right before his party got started. I'm wearing my UD Replicas DareDevil suit, and Adam is in his Master & Commander attire, which was very nicely done.

The party was super fun, and it was great to finally have a chance to poke around the Man Cave. For reference, this is where Adam's episodes from the website "Tested" are filmed. As fortune would have it, the guys behind Tested, Norm & Will, were both in attendance, and were super fun to chat with about the MattMobile project, and other stuff that is in the works. With any luck, The Project WorkBench will be making an appearance in an upcoming episode of their series.


icepick method said...

Down the rabbithole with yee

Not to mention all the individual yahoo specialty groups for every type and size of minimill/ hobby lathe.

Johnny N'Junkers said...

So mad jelly bro!