Saturday, December 28, 2013

Batmobile Fender Work Continues, Tardis Paint

As new years eve rapidly approaches, I'm on a mad man's mission to squeeze out every last ounce of potential productivity in the remainder of 2013. Today also featured a reunion of Team Tardis, an outfit that has been on an unintentional hiatus for the past couple of months. Executive summary: Awesome.

The day started with me tackling the other fender, using the same bondo squish style technique I used the other day on the opposing fender. Same tactic, hopefully the same great results.

Here's what the repaired one looks like, the one I squished yesterday.

This is after a bit of sanding and clean up, where I got rid of all the excess fiber and resin. Overall I am extremely pleased with the results. It still needs a bit of fine tuning around the edges, but it really turned out wonderfully. It was based on the success of this piece that I gained the confidence to tackle the other fender.

Here's another shot of the fender that kind of shows a different view of how the top is now pretty flat. It was NOT like this before I started! I promise you this!!

the other big accomplishment of the day was getting some paint finally laid down on Ewan's Tardis. We had to buy a new spray gun, as mine was pretty well gummed up and we couldn't seem to get it apart to clean it out. A quick trip to Home Depot (and a stop at Five Guys along the way) we were back in business.

We did the roof first, and it turned out really nicely.

We took a calculated risk and kept painting after the sun had set. Mixed results, to be sure. Word of advice: paint in warm weather, and/or daylight.

Despite a few setbacks, overall it was an extremely busy and productive day. Much was accomplished. Even better, once I got home, I sewed up my coveralls. This will no doubt also contribute to keeping me warm during future build days.

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