Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Han In Carbo Plexiglass Panels Cut and Purchased

While down in Lake Forest today on an errand, I stopped by my old pals at the Plastics place and got some plexiglass cut. They are super helpful and quick there, with the total trip lasting under 15 minutes.

If you'll recall earlier progress pics of my Han in Carbo, the side panels are missing and even worse, there are big open gaps there. This plex was cut to fit behind the side walls, and to cover up those holes.

Here you can see the plex I got today, along with one of my replica control panels.

Luckily, Vince Sanchez did a really great job of mastering the original fan made control panels I owned previously, and they were dimensionally very similar to the accurate Volvo panel. I will only have to modify the openings in the side walls slightly in order to fit the accurate panels. To be precise, I need to widen the small gaps where the lower tabs of the control panel goes. Each one gets and extra half inch of inward clearance. I will accomplish that with my dremel and files. Other than those two tabs, the panels fit quite nicely.

Next step will be to finish filing out the openings so that the accurate control panels fit, gluing in the new plex panels, then attaching the control panels to them. Probably only a day of work, but the trick will be finding the time to do it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

I am working on my own HIC and was wondering if you have any panels or other parts available for purchase?

Your blog is awesome and a fantastic resource...please keep up the excellent work.



MattMunson said...

Derek, thank you for the kind words! I appreciate it greatly. I also need to finish up my HIC! I do not have any side panels for sale. your best bet is to go to a forum like the RPF and check out their for sale section. There's usually someone selling a set.
Best of luck with your build!