Thursday, February 6, 2014

MattMobile Roll Bar Progress

Not a whole heck of a lot accomplished today, though mainly because I ran out of gas for my welder. It was past 5:00 PM when it ran out, so I was unable to run to my local Praxair for a refill. I'll take care of that tomorrow.

My main focus today was working on the secondary roll bar. It was a little bit asymmetrical, and my brain just won't allow that. Two of the joints needed to be cut and re-welded, and one of the arms needed to be shortened. When I took this picture, there only remained a tiny bit of welding to do on the last joint.

I'm very happy with how this piece has evolved, though I think the takeaway message from it is that next time, I should just build a new one from scratch, rather than try to repair or modify an existing structure. Grinding down welds is REALLY time consuming and labor intensive. Not fun at all.

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