Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Doing My Part For The Economy.

While the rest of the country tightens up their belt buckles, and pours their money into low interest earning savings accounts, I'm off doing my part to help revive this stagnant economy by spending my hard earnedz on frivolous silliness.

Witness my latest purchase, two gallons of epoxy resin! I picked up the West Systems brand epoxy resin 105 system, with a couple quarts of the 205 slow cure kick. This is a VERY high quality fiber glass system that I have had excellent results with in the past on other projects.

I have purchased this stuff to make the jacket for my cape mold. For those of you who haven't been following along, the scheme goes something like this:

First I build a big, huge table. Then I lay the cape flat on the table. Then I pour silicone rubber on top of the cape. Then I lay up a fiberglass shell on TOP of the rubber to help it keep it's shape when I flip it over and start pouring up a positive.

I'm hoping that two gallons will be more than enough to complete this project. The good news is that the West Systems stuff has a really long shelf life, so any stuff that I don't use will be able to sit around for awhile until a new need arises.

Here's the link for the place I got my resin from:

I figure if this stuff is good to make a boat hull out of, it's good enough for a cape mold shell. (or "matrix", as they call them in da biz.)

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