Friday, February 20, 2009

Workshop Clean Up

I just got back from three amazing weeks in England, and I'm sort of scrambling to get some work done before I ship out to Ohio for another week.

I spent a big chunk of today cleaning out my garage, er, I mean my workshop! I have to make room for the GIANT table I'm going to build on which I will mold the Superman cape. I had kicked around the idea of not building a table, but instead just buying some smooth wall panelling to lay on the floor, but there were a few complications with that. I have decided to go back to my original plan of building a table for it.

It's going to cost me a few bucks in supplies, but I figure I can convert it into a work bench once the cape is finished, so it's not money wasted. Besides, I could use a good work bench! No photos today, as there's nothing really to show.

I hope to have my building supplies purchased tonight, and a good part of the table assembled by tomorrow.

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