Thursday, June 25, 2009

All I Need Now Are Tears

Tonight was the first time I shed blood for this project! I was moving the cape mold around a bit, and was silly enough to take my leather gloves off for a few minutes. Next thing you know, there's blood everywhere. And by "everywhere", I mean all over the tip of my ring finger.

Not really a big deal, but that means I have now put blood and sweat into this project. Next up, tears! Not likely though.

But on with the show.

Tonight I start in again with the cape. I peeled off some of the leftover rubber from last time around, and MAN does it look good. It really captures the diamond texture nicely. I cannot wait to see this thing finished!

I'm using Burman Foam products tonight, namely their Ballon Rubber. It's very viscous, and is easy to brush into all the little nooks of the diamonds. If it was any thicker, like their slip casting rubber, I'm not sure I would get the same results. Fortunately, I have some of that too in case I want to experiment.

Here's the cape mold, all set up in its new home. Ready for some action.

And here we go again with the endless iterations of color matching, trying to get it to match the tiny swatches I have. I'm not going to go nuts on it this time, but I do want to get it as close as I can without going insane. I think I'll limit myself to say, ten rounds of color manipulation, and then I'll just go with what I have.

And now for something completely different. I was watching a DVD of Remmington Steele, one of my favorite shows as a youngster, and noticed this:

To the untrained eye, this will seem very unspectacular. Perhaps to the trained eye it will appear that way also. What's cool about this picture is it shows our man Steele picking up a camera accessory that was made famous by a little movie I like to call "Star Wars". And not that new garbage that came out a few years ago. I'm talking about the original. Before people called it "A New Hope". Back when it was just "Star Wars". Anyhow, that graflex flash tube is what they used as Luke's lightsaber. Pretty nifty, huh? Kind of one of those "When worlds collide" moments. I guess.

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