Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Begins Belt Sprue Removal

I decided to make my first order of business on this build to remove all the sprues from the kit. Take a look at this first pic. You can see a couple of giant ones coming out of the back of each piece.

First step was to take some handy dandy wire snips, and just go to town. I went through all of the pieces and snipped off all the sprues I could get ahold of. There were a couple that were too thick to be handled with these.

I then went in with my dremel tool and sanded down the remaining stumps. I used a cutoff wheel to attack the thicker sprues. It didn't really take much time at all to get the entire kit de-sprued.

I also did some overall levelling on the backs of some of the pieces. Probably not necessary, but I wanted to make sure the back side was relatively flat. It ultimately will not matter, as that side will be facing inward. Even better, it will be covered with neoprene, so that was probably double overkill.

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