Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Batman Begins Utility Belt - Begins

I picked up a really nice kit of the utility belt that Batman wears in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Cannot say for sure if there are any differences in the belt between movies.

This was all scratch built by a fan, who did a really bang up job. This was all done on a CNC machine in his basement, I think. These parts are resin, cast directly off his masters.

I think the thing that impressed me most about the kit was not that it was made so well, but the fact that the builder learned how to run a CNC and how to do 3D modelling just for this project. Reminded me of all the stuff I had to learn to build my R2. Not sure why, but I think that's cool.

Anyhow, the kit arrived in a box the other day. I took a few pictures of the pieces right as they came out of the shipping box. Note that none of the pieces are painted. The molds were powder coated before the resin was poured in, and they come out looking just like this. There are advantages and drawbacks to this technique, but overall, I am impressed.

I like the way the buckle and the gear that goes inside it are two different pieces. That will make painting a snap, and I think the overall finished product will look better because of it.

I'm actually bloggin' on this a little late, and I am already a few days into the build. Slow going, as I've still got that pesky day job to take my time away from fun stuff.


Nasa said...

hey, i know that I am WAY behind times... being 3 years later and all..

But I want a kit like this.. looking everywhere with no luck....

any chance you could hook a fellow batfan up? do you still have the contact information for the place you got yours?



Robson Bento said...

Hi dear
Could you tell where you got this kit .. I'm also looking everywhere with no luck ....
you still have the contact information of where you got yours?

thank you

Robson Bento

Anonymous said...

Can I ask you me too where do you find this kit? I try for two days to find it but I founf nothing.
thank you very much^^


MattMunson said...

The best place to start on finding a kit like this is at the go-to place for batman costumers, "The Brotherhood of The Bat". It's a great online forum that has all kinds of info, insight, and madness.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much ^__^