Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More of this, more of that.

I have a bit of a disjointed update today, as I'm sort of all over the place.

I'm STILL experimenting with urethane, and have not found one yet that I am happy with. I did a little test with a product I picked up from Burman. F-60. It takes pigment decently, but it's not as solid as I had hoped.

Here's a sample blob I poured. The color is nice, but it's not solid enough.

I have also concluded that shore 60 is too soft. I'm going to stick with 80 for all of the Superman stuff.

Yesterday I finished building the box up around the chest emblem back plate.

And then poured rubber on it.

I'm going to need to do another pour to get the thickness I want, but it's almost there. Then I will start running some urethane into it. yay!

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