Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pigment Discovery

As regular readers will know, I've been struggling with getting a truly opaque red for the chest emblem. I spent a little time on google today, and found pretty much exactly what I was hoping would exist. It's a white pigment whose sole purpose in life is to make your urethane opaque. Check this out...

looks like this website was redesigned, and the URL has changed. TO make matters easy for the future, I'll just post a link to the home page:


Dispersion Color

I'm going to order some, just to experiment with. It even refers to So-Strong pigments BY NAME and how they often don't give true opacity. I'm thinking this might be the silver bullet. Woohoo!!!

I placed an order for a four ounce kit of the white stuff, and while I was there I stocked up on PMC780, and also picked up a trial kit of PMC790, which will be a little more rigid. Who knows, I might find use for it eventually.

Here's the home page. Looks like a pretty decent outfit. They resell a lot of really good products there. Good resource.

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