Wednesday, October 28, 2009

XFiles and Alias

A couple of years ago, I was very interested in various credentials that were used by characters on TV shows. I also had a lot of free time to plink around in Adobe Illustrator, and as a result of some good reference materials, I made ID cards and wallets for both Sidney Bristow from the show "Alias" and the Cigarette Smoking Man from "The X-Files". The wallets were made by hand, and I was never entirely happy with them. But the wallet cards were really nice.

Just the other day, I was talking on the phone with a good pal of mine John D who is pursing another run of Blade Runner wallets, and he mentioned an online resource he uses for his wallets. I went to their website and poked around, only to find that they make credential holders that look EXACTLY like the ones I tried to replicate for CSM and Sidney!

I was very excited about this, so I came home and compared my screen caps and reference materials to what they offered on this site, and sure enough, they look really darn good.

Here's a link to the company that makes them:

And here is the reseller that I purchased them from:

If you go into the "Double ID Cases" section, you can find the models I ordered. For CSM, I ordered 503 - Duty Leather Book Style Double ID Case, and for Sidney I picked up 508 - Thin Line Book Style Double ID Case. I'm really confident about the size on the Sidney one, though the CSM one is just an estimate based on some dims I got online. It may not be totally right, but it will look really good.

My personal feeling on the CSM wallet is that it was custom made, just like all of the wallets for the XFiles. Nothing to substantiate that claim, just intuition. The Alias wallet looks like an off the shelf piece, and this one matches really well.

When I get the wallets, I will re-print the cards, snap some pics, and post them here.

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