Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Blog First!

Not really sure how I feel about this new high (or perhaps low??) I've reached on my blog tonight!

Interestingly enough, a reader emailed me tonight with not only a spell-check dust up, but also a request for me to follow through on my promise to post a photo in this post...

Star Trek Insignia Pins

Should I feel thrilled and honored that someone was not only reading my blog, but was also kind enough to email me and point out some shortcomings? Or should I feel insulted that they had the gall to point out a harmless foul!!

Naturally, it's the former, and I'm totally stoked that someone took the time to help me make my blog that much better. So big shout out to Franz Bolo of the RPF for hookin' a brother up! Thanks Franz!

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