Monday, December 28, 2009

Need More Fabric... Badly!

I'm back tracking on an earlier position I took on the fabric. As it stands, I have identified and found some fabric that is really great on the color match, but is not so great fabric wise. It's too thin, and I cannot adhere it to the latex without the wet layer soaking through, and ruining the inner surface.

So for now, I'm going to back track and switch to the Red Jersey Knit that I found at Denver Fabrics a while back. Bummer is, a while back I made the OPPOSITE decision, and ended up throwing out the fabric that I had purchased from them. So back to ye old drawing boarde.

Big bummer is, Denver Fabric no longer stocks that stuff! So I'm going to have to look elsewhere for it.


Amber Love said...

Have you tried ebay? I've been able to find some discontinued fabric on there, of course it's never the amount I need...

MattMunson said...

Good tip Amber, and I appreciate the insight. I have done SOME cruising around ebay for fabric, but like you said, they tend to not be in the sizes I need.