Thursday, December 31, 2009

Superman: Dead End

No, it's not the sequel to the Sandy Collera movie I'm talking about. I mean to say that I've hit a dead end on my search for the original material used for the outer skin of the Superman Returns cape.

I ordered samples of rubber matting from a few places online that seemed to be good matches in the pictures, but when they arrived, the diamonds were just way too big. I would say five or six times too big.

Which makes for a bummer five or six times too big.

I do have some more leads on another material that has a simmilar pattern on it, but I haven't ordered samples yet. As of right now, I'm considering the whole rubberized surface a dead end.

I'm thinking now it's a rigid substance. The diamonds on the cape are too small to offer any kind of traction. I don't think it's a non-skit mat type of thing.

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