Friday, January 7, 2011

Leg Pattern Is Looking Good.

I finished my first attempt at the new leg pattern, and overall I'm very satisfied with the results. As with all of these things, there are some minor tweaks to make, but in essence, it was a success. Let me walk you through the steps.

First of all, it is currently snowing in Columbus. Which makes doing ANYTHING pretty much a total nightmare. And I'm not just talking about the traffic. Psychologically, it's just really tough to get out of the house where it's nice and warm. I hate digging snow or ice off my car. Such a bore.

Despite the snow, I made it down to Kinko's where they printed out my pattern. Because I had resized it, the dude was able to print it out on two pieces, rather than four this time. That will make my job much easier once I get home. Here's a pic of the large format printer at the Kinko's.

Here are the sheets as they came out of the printer from Kinko's. Because I was expecting there to be four parts, and have no advanced knowledge of where the page breaks would be, I put in a series of registration lines that I could use to align the diffferent pieces. Because there were only two pieces, most of those lines became unnecessary. You can see where I have overlaid my previously made leg pattern on top of the new one. It's scaled almost perfectly to it.

Here's the pattern pieces all cut out and taped together.

I then rolled out some fabric I had, and traced around the pattern.

Here is the final product. Obviously, you can't really tell much from this photo, but the fact remains that they are pants! The fit is pretty good. I guess my scaling job worked rather well. I will need to do some adjustments around the legs, and I will probably eliminate the feet, as those are not needed in this suit.

Overall, very happy with the results.

The step I'm anxiously waiting on right now is to complete the screen print tests. Once those are done, I will be able to kick the screen printing stuff into high gear.

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