Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paper Pattern Work

In this thread, I discussed the process I went through to put together a drawing for the leg pattern. A few days ago, I managed to make my way over to Kinko's to get it printed out.

Because the printer wasn't big enough to do it in one shot, I got four pieces printed out.

And after a little bit of cutting and taping, I ended up with the completed pattern. This picture is upside down, so whatever perspective mess it makes, I'm hoping that the payoff is that it's recognizeable as legs.

Flash forward a few days to tonight, where I was thinking about how big the screen will need to be in order to get the diamonds printed onto a piece of fabric this wide. The paper pattern you see in the picture above is REALLY's like 70" or something rediculous like that. That seemed like an awful lot.

But then I had something of a brain storm, and realized that I had already put a lot of time into developing a very form fitting single leg pattern for the lower half of the body. I laid that on top of my new pattern, only to learn that my instinct was right. I had grossly oversized my new pattern.

Not really a big deal at all, as the paper print out cost me under 20 dollars. So it was only a few bucks lost. The other thing I realized is that there was a problem with the original artwork that I needed to correct. On the spiderman suit, from which this pattern is taken, the waist has a v-taper on the back. This is to match the web patterned belt-thingie that spidey wears. I corrected that in my drawing, and also scaled it all down to match the measurements of the single leg pattern I had drafted previously.

Also from the lessons learned the first time around, I added in some registration lines so I can get both halves lined up perfectl. Here's what it looks like now:

I will have the dude print out two of these, then I will tape it up, and it should be much closer to the size I need. Its also MUCH smaller, which means I won't need such a huge screen for the final artwork.

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