Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Screens and Inks

No pictures today, just a logistical update on the silk screen action I'm working on.

I got an email today from Westar telling me that both of my screens are on their way, along with some white plastisol ink I ordered from them. This is a different blend of Plastisol, and is kind of the "standard" ink for screen printing on fabric. it's a little thinner than the stuff I used previously, and doesn't stack up the way the other stuff does. It will make for an interesting experiment.

The two screens on their way are the sample screens for the different diamond patterns. One for the briefs, one for the body suit.

I also ordered four different colors of speedball inks to help out with the She-Hulk project that Laamberry is doing. I got some black and white, so that I can mix a light grey. I also got some blue and red so that I can mix a good purple for the sides. I'm going to have to move quickly with the testing of the screens so that I can order the final screen. LB needs the screen printed fabric by end of month so that she'll have time to sew together the costume for her event.

So basically, I've got a bunch of stuff coming in the mail.

End of line.

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