Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Pieces Removed!

Though not huge progress, it's progress! Today I took my first baby step in the tear down of the Caprice, and removed the two spot lights from the front doors.

Now don't worry, I don't plan on documenting EVERY SINGLE LITTLE detail of the build. But this is an exciting one for me, as it's the first step.

Here's the stuff I pulled off:

Here's where the used to be:

I'm going to put these lights up on ebay shortly. Keep your eyes peeled!


Salah said...

hey there,

nice work with the caprice :)

I have a '87 305, and working on restoring it too. Just wondering are u going to need those spot lights? if not would u be willing to sell them? please let me know.



MattMunson said...

Salah, those have already been sold, I'm sorry to say. I put them on ebay just a couple of days after I pulled them off the car.