Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tear Down Progress, and New Crack Pipe

There was a flurry of activity in the garage today! I got started at about noon, worked for about three hours, and accomplished a TON of work! I'm actually sort of stunned at how fast the tear down is going. Now, seeing as how I have no idea how far along I am, I suppose I'm not really a good judge of progress, but it SEEMS like it's going along really quickly.

Here's how it looked after about the first hour. I got the rear passenger side door off, stripped out all the weather stripping and other mouldings in the back area. I also cleaned up the foot wells.

One of the limiting factors on my tear down will be how much stuff I can fit in my trash can. In about an hour, I had it filled. Good thing pick up is on Monday. I think I'm going to look into getting a mini-dumpster brought around for the big stuff.

I'm sort of just pulling things off at random. Any time I see an exposed screw or bolt, I attack it. Then I'll find myself focused on a particular item, like the seat. I pulled out the passenger side seat in about five minutes. I really need to get rid of this really quickly, as I don't want the neighbors to think I'm going to be keeping car seats in my garage as furniture. We've got standards around here, ya know!!! :)

Here's how she looks with the back door removed, the front seat out, and all of the flooring pulled up.

The view from the back.

And a view INTO the back.

Then I pulled the hood off. I kept getting nervous that it was going to drop on my head and crack it open, as one of the struts is sort of weak. I've been using my chin up bar to keep the hood up. No longer a problem.

And BEST of all, I found another crack pipe! This one was stashed in one of the windshield wiper wells. I'm beginning to think that this car was once an in-service cop car before it was converted into a movie car. Unless there is A LOT of crack being smoked on movie sets. Which could very well be the case.

I think I'm just about done for the day, as I need to head over to my sister's place for a family get together. I think the plan will be to just go as-is, all covered in car grease and looking dirty. I suppose if I really wanted to sell the whole "white trash" side of the party, I'd drive the caprice over!!

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