Friday, October 7, 2011

R2 Back Door & Body Panels

Despite the fact that my foot is still hurting, I managed to get some good work done on R2 this morning.

I removed all the tape and magnets from the most recent round of body panel gluing I did last night, and put a few more in place. I then spent about thirty minutes using my dremel and a cutoff wheel removing the back door from R2's body.

Here you can see the panel I removed from the inner skins, and also the outer skin that will compose the back door. Removing all of those panels from the outer skin was a bit of a pain. Because the metal is so thin, it's rather delicate and you have to take your time. Otherwise, you risk distorting and stretching the metal.

I then slathered on some glue, and got the two pices of the back door together. I used a combination of clamps and magnets to ensure proper fitting while the glue cures.

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