Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here She Is!

Here is the completed belt mold. I've cleaned up most of the edges, but there's still a little flash on the inside that needs to be cut out.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how this mold turned out. It looks really clean, and I can't wait to start getting pulls out of it.


Luke said...

I love the work you did on this belt. I know you may not be able to share, but I would love to know what your process was for creating the mold to what ingredients goes into making your version of the belt.

Thanks for any help!

MattMunson said...

It's all in the blog. Check out the links on the right hand side of the blog that let you filter by tags. Click on the link for the belt, and it will show you all the posts that have info about the build. I documented pretty much every step of the process :)