Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ninja Wheel!!!

Sometimes a nice little prop becomes available that you just have to jump on. Witness the Batman 1989 "Ninja Wheel" prop.

Though not seen in the film, this prop was documented heavily in a couple of the "Making Of" books that came out around the time of the film's release, and always struck me as pretty cool. Though there are plenty of Batman props higher on my list of must-haves, when this became available, I had to have it.

It is extremely well made, and must have been CNC cut. It's all metal, and is nice and light. For me, it's rare that I find a prop that is high quality and meets/beats expectations, but this one did. Big thanks to the craftsman in Germany who put this together.

For context, here's a picture of the prop master from the movie, surrounded by the hand props created for the film. You can see the ninja wheel down in front.

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