Monday, November 2, 2009

Wallets Arrive!

I got home late last night from a really fun weekend in NY where I was fortunate enough to spend halloween. It was a total riot, and I recommend it to anyone!

I checked the mailbox and was very pleased to find that my wallet order had arrived. The punchline is that they are just about perfect!

The first one is the one I had pegged for Sidney Bristow. Honestly and seriously, this one is perfect. Dead on. Looks EXACTLY like the one used on the show. I have some screen captures that I brightened and enhanced, and when comparing to this one, I cannot tell the difference. Slam dunk!

My next task will be to print out the cards that I drew up a while ago, print them out, put them in, and this project will be officially closed.

The second piece is the X-Files CSM wallet. It's REALLY nice, and just like the Alias wallet, matches up VERY nicely to the pictures I have of the prop. Stylistically, it's a dead match. Same construction, same lines. I will have to compare to propstore measurements, but it looks good. if it was sitting on a shelf next to a photo of the real one, it would be indistinguishable.

The downside is that the outer layer is synthetic! I thought it was leather. But for all I know, the real one was synthetic too. It's just not consistent with the screen used Mulder and Scully wallets I own. Doesn't make it wrong! i will need to take a closer look at my stills and see if I can draw a conclusion.

It is still a VERY nice wallet, and will look really good when it is all finished. It's not like all is lost or anything!

On a final note, while in Brooklyn, I got ahold of a couple of "Snake Pit" matches, that are a "fantasy prop" from the world of Blade Runner. A "Fantasy Prop" simply means that it is something that comes directly from the mind of a dedicated fan, and was not seen in the film, created for production, or even intended to be. Just something inspired by the production.

What is even MORE funny is that I accidentally brought them home in my carry on luggage. Good job TSA. Keeping our skies safe.

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