Friday, January 29, 2010

Cape Trimming Begins

Last night I started the process of cleaning up the edges of the cape. I finally got it out of the mold, and well, it looks pretty nice. Granted, in this picture, it looks like a pile of fabric sitting on the floor, but trust me... it's nice!

Here is a close up shot of the edge of the cape. You can see the rough edge, where the latex went over the edge of the mold.

And here, I've started trimming. My first pass was to cut away all the excess material, just so I would have less to hassle with when I go in for a close edge trimming.

Overall, the cape feels very nice. It's a little bit heavier than I had hoped, and this has me thinking ahead to how I am going to attach it to the suit. I know how the screen used capes were attached, but they were also a lot lighter. This is due to the fact that I probably layered on more latex than I needed to. Remember kids, this is just a test cape. The idea here is to learn lessons and then apply them to the next cape, which should be a lot better.

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