Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wrinkles! I Hate Me Some Wrinkles!

And by wrinkles, I mean creases.

My current dilemma I am working through involves the big honkin' crease that runs the entire length of the fabric I recently acquired for my test cape. I've tried ironing it, tried steaming it, tried washing it and tumble drying it.

And it wasn't until I asked a friend of mine that I came up with a possible solution: STARCH! Yup, garden variety spray on starch. Picked some up at Target yesterday. I will attempt to starch out the crease later tonight.

If it works, I am going to move quickly to get the fabric attached to the outer shell. If all goes well, I will need a new sewing machine shortly, one that can handle thick fabrics. Once I get that, it should be a very quick process to sew the cape up and have something ready to wear.

And while this first cape will not be perfect, it will be VERY nice. It won't have the ombre on it, and I know there are some flaws in the outer shell around the edges, but other than that, I think it will be very nice. To the untrained eye, I think it will appear to be a dead on match.

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