Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cape Trimming Finished, First Test Fit

I'm going to consolidate a few days worth of updates into one post, as I have neglected to update the blog over the weekend.

The other day, I started off trimming the edge of the cape. Realistically, this is something I should have been able to take care of in one sitting, but it's REALLY tiring and meticulous work. I found that I have to sit right underneath a really bright light, with the fabric facing a certain way in order to be able to see my cut line clearly.

This first picture shows the entirety of the outer curve trimmed up. It came out really nicely. I might have done better to cut it with a blade, or even a wheel, but that would have proven problematic as I don't have a giant flat surface upon which to do it.

The next task was to cut the straight lines that make up the front slit of the cape. This too was very painstaking work. As of this picture, I had finished one of the two sides.

Finally, tonight I finished up the second side of the front, and even cut out the neck hole. I was bold enough to throw the thing over my shoulders to see how it felt. It felt good! I decided to take a little self portrait.

The picture shows very little detail, and that is pretty much on purpose. And yes, I'm wearing sweat pants. I'm sure that years from now, this picture will be viewed out of context and poked fun of. But hey, isn't that what the internet is all about. It could be worse. I could be the Tron Guy.

One thing I was really worried about is the weight of the cape. Overall, I believe mine is heavier than the screen used ones. I laid in a few too many layers of latex in order to achieve a certain opacity. I think I overdid it. I was worried that this would impact my ability to make the thing stay on the suit properly. BUT, when I heaved it up over my shoulders, I realized all my fears were unfounded. For some strange reason, almost the entire weight of the cape rests on the neck, shoulders and trapezius muscles. And on the back of the neck. It is in these EXACT locations that all of the adhesion points are. So I guess the costume makers actually knew what they were doing! I kid, of course, as it is OBVIOUS they knew what they were doing. My fears of having to build some kind of internal harness to hold onto the cape may not be realized. I think this cape will hold onto the suit in the same way the ones in the movie did, which is great news.

I still have a little bit of edging work to do on the cape, and then it will be time to actually sew it up. For that, I will need a sewing machine. Well, a NEW sewing machine, as my old one is not heavy duty enough to handle it. So it is off to ebay I go!

Anyhow, very proud day over here now that I actually have something to show as far as the cape goes. Good stuff!!


Neon said...

Awesome! Or, should I say Super! The cape seems to hang perfectly. I'd love to see some surface detail pics.

MattMunson said...

I'll put up some close up pics eventually. The new camera I have is pretty lame with the macro lens, but I'll get around to it eventually.