Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Superman Crystals!

I have a couple of REALLY great new additions to the prop collection to write about today, courtesy of a fellow collector and enthusiast who goes by the name "hydin" on the interwebx.

The first item for your consideration, which can easily be filed under "Wanted one since I was six years old" is a green "Fortress Builder" crystal as seen in the Richard Donner Superman films.

I have written on my blog and on my website in the past about how MOST of my online purchases tend to disappoint me. Not that they are not wonderful, or well made. Most of the things I purchase are both wonderful and well made. But they all tend to have a flaw or two that totally throw me off, and while it doesn't totally RUIN the purchase for me, it detracts from it. Well, this green crystal falls into the category of something that does NOT disappoint! It's just so wonderful and perfect, it's almost silly. The crystal is flawless, and really well polished. I cannot say for sure that the shape is dead on accurate to the screen used ones, as I have not done a side by side examination. But I can tell you for sure that it looks like a Donner crystal to me. Really excellent work Hydin! We collectors owe you a debt of gratitude for going to the trouble to have these made to the exacting specifications that you pursued.

Up next is the equally satisfying Superman Returns style crystal. If I recall correctly, this one is modelled after the "hero" crystal that Lex Luthor is seen handling while in the basement of his recently acquired mansion.

I think my ONLY nit for this piece is on the very tips of the crystals. They are not super sharp and pointed, but instead appear to have been filed off. Granted, for safety purposes, ths was probably the right choice. But I cannot help but wonder if the tips somehow snapped off during shipping or something else like that? The tips seem to be polished smooth, so I'm inclined to believe it was a deliberate choice.

STILL, I am extremely happy with this piece. It is, like the Donner crystal, a flawlessly executed piece of Superman awesomeness.


Chris said...

Hey :)

Glad you like them. The points were filed down intentionally. Since it's crystal, the points were super sharp (pardon the pun), and the first prototype drew blood when I pricked my finger with it.

I decided it would be much much safer to just have them filed down so no one else had to throw blood, sweat and tears into the project like I did :)

Chris (aka hydin)

MattMunson said...

Thanks for the feedback Chris! I figured it was something like that, and that makes total sense.