Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MatMobile Chassis First Cut!

It was a very exciting day over here in SoCal, as work on the chassis stretch OFFICIALLY began today!

Welder Bo came over today to get some measurements. The shop he works at has a steel cutter, which will be able to get the box steel very precisely cut to the length we need it. He took some measurements, did some calculations, and SEEMED to be finished for the day.

But no.

He was so anxious to get going... that we got going.

Here's Bo removing a few cables and lines that run along the length of the chassis. Fuel line, fuel return, emergency brake, stuff like that.

I swear, I left the garage for five minutes to send an email, and when I got back the drive train was gone, and the transmission cross member was removed. Yikes. The dude works fast.

After a few minutes with the reciprocating saw, the first cut was made! I was stoked! things were finally happening!!!

Nosy neighbor came by (Just kidding Bonn! We love you!!) to peanut gallery the affair, and added some good laughs to the evening. After all was said and done, this is what the chassis looked like.

Pretty awesome! I need to grab my extra set of jack stands from storage, and pick up a fire extinguisher. Just in case.

That's it for now! Pretty awesome day!

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